Friday, May 30, 2008

Ventures in Low Culture: How I Will Be Spending $22 This Sunday

When I am not helping art institutions install culturally engaging and visually unique art exhibits, I read gossip and conspiracy websites and watch cartoons (made for kids, adults and both.)

So, when I read that the 3rd season of the disturbingly funny Venture Brothers was offering limited edition t-shirts, I was right on it. The animated show manages to mix occult and conspiracy theories with super-science and celebrity appearances (David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Klaus Nomi as the leaders of the sinister and inept Guild of Calamitous Intent!)

I wish I could get a Guild of Calamitous Intent auto emblem much like the Freemasons have. I would gladly represent as guild member driving my sweet 2004 Kia Optima. A menacing ride indeed!

I can't afford to subscribe (yes, subscribe) to all 13 shirts for $250, but I will be adding at least one to my wardrobe.

Lastly and only mildly related, enjoy Klaus Nomi's covers of "Lightning Strikes," and "The Twist."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

House Hunting: Breaking & Entering Edition

at The Art Guys Museum, originally uploaded by Shawna Mouser.

A little while ago, wife and I were driving Houston, house hunting in new neighborhoods. We hit the lovely and almost-affordable Meyerland area. We have a love of ranch-style houses and that part of town has a nice collection of them. When we saw an unloved house for sale, we stopped by and broke in. Well, the door was open. The place was trashed, with the clear smell of cat and garbage all over. Must have been built in the 60's, with old fixtures and lightswitch covers. Oh, and a large pile of bullet shell casings near the bathroom. It had the appearance of a rental gone horribly wrong.

With great rooms and loads of square footage, this would be someone's dream house in the right hands. But it's being sold as land and would be a money pit to transform it back to its former glory. Most likely the house will be a scrap-off resulting in another oversized, pseudo-Mediterranean, beige monstrosity taking its place. Which is just what Houston doesn't need but will get.

In the meantime, our adventures in Houston real estate will continue.

(Photo found on Swamplot.)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doomsday Wrestling @ Fitzgerald's, Houston TX

Doomsday Wrestling at Fitzgerald's. Good time. Nice way to spend a Saturday night.

The Adonis Explosion

Dirty Sanchez (manager) berating the Kosher Killer.
"I'm talking to jew!"

Silicone Valley's Pretty Perfect in the ring with Texan girl Charlene Lonestar.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday NIght Photo Post: Rice University Gallery

Last few days have been spent working at Rice U.'s art gallery. Ever since seeing the Kirsten Hassenfeld show (pictures here,) I had hopes of working the gallery space. And so I have on a few recent occasions.

The latest show is the gallery's summer show. While the venue is closed, an installation is chosen that can be viewed through the glass front of the exhibition space. This summer, artist Mark Fox was invited to show his installation piece "Dust". A visual catalog of almost his material possessions, the show is a massive collection of drawn items pinned to the wall. An expansive beauty of a show, and I got to work alongside the artist.

Rice does no favors for the art-loving public wishing to visit, as paid parking is the only option. That being said this a show that will be up for the summer months and well worth the couple of bucks that will be charged (on debit or credit card.)

More info:

Rice Art Gallery campus location, info and map - Google Maps

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Houston Art Car Weekend: Pictures and Links

lady of transportation, originally uploaded by Nick-D..

Houston Art Car Parade 2008, originally uploaded by ThisIsIt2.

DSC_6473, originally uploaded by Hookham.Fotography.

There are loads of parade pictures online and these are just a few of the local Flickr-photogs that contributed to the Houston Art Car Parade 2008 photo pool.

Delta Niner (who has been a great help with car names and creators on my pictures)
Hookham Photo

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My art car weekend was a success. A sweet baby that handled the heat and noise well (better than Rollerderby), running into co-workers of my wife's, and of course, her love and indulgence.

The result was a collection of pretty-good pictures and some video that I have hopes of placing online for all to see and enjoy. I am still tagging and titling the photos with car names and numbers. It was my first outing with the camcorder, and our oldish Apple laptop has struggling with the video editing and rendering. So, unlike the ease of uploading photos, the video editing and preparation has been time consuming.

A great weekend and more proof why this city is a good one for me and mine.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Keeping Houston Weird: Cars and Comedic Wrestlers

The Art Car Parade is coming this weekend. Big test; hot weekend and small baby. Could equal disaster. Could be great. Hoping the second option.

One of my co-workers turned me on to Doomsday Wrestling. Next bout coming up on the 24th at Fitzgerald's. Right up my alley.

Damn, I like my weird city.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Where Did Kitty Go? - Tawdry Adventures in London

This tale of sexy delights came courtesy of two London girls, and it was recent drive down Kirby Dr. that reminded me of our 2001 honeymoon and Kitty and Ellie. In addition to red street name signs, many local businesses have red British phone booths. Unlike the London phone booths, the Houston ones are free from advertising of certain services.

London phone box sex, originally uploaded by Prof. Jas. Mundie.

Erotic adventures are just a phone call and a flat away. Before honeymooning in London in 2001, we never knew that the city's phone booths offered more that a phone. One set of such advertising cards was so much more than just a picture and number. There was characters and a multi-part story. Not much of one, but still.

Ellie, originally uploaded by Mr. Kimberly.

Kitty, originally uploaded by Mr. Kimberly.

Why did she leave? When did she come back? Did she leave her torso behind? So many questions!