Wednesday, May 28, 2008

House Hunting: Breaking & Entering Edition

at The Art Guys Museum, originally uploaded by Shawna Mouser.

A little while ago, wife and I were driving Houston, house hunting in new neighborhoods. We hit the lovely and almost-affordable Meyerland area. We have a love of ranch-style houses and that part of town has a nice collection of them. When we saw an unloved house for sale, we stopped by and broke in. Well, the door was open. The place was trashed, with the clear smell of cat and garbage all over. Must have been built in the 60's, with old fixtures and lightswitch covers. Oh, and a large pile of bullet shell casings near the bathroom. It had the appearance of a rental gone horribly wrong.

With great rooms and loads of square footage, this would be someone's dream house in the right hands. But it's being sold as land and would be a money pit to transform it back to its former glory. Most likely the house will be a scrap-off resulting in another oversized, pseudo-Mediterranean, beige monstrosity taking its place. Which is just what Houston doesn't need but will get.

In the meantime, our adventures in Houston real estate will continue.

(Photo found on Swamplot.)

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