Monday, July 20, 2009

Friday Night Photo Post: Two Buildings, Near and Far

Houston at night, originally uploaded by ThisIsIt2.

The sky was a crazy yellow the night that the skate park picture was taken.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Here and There: Vacation Recap

Despite the large amount of time spent on the internet, I've yet to write a post-vacation follow-up since returning. So, here is a brief, bulletpoint list of the highlights, with websites and Flickr pictures.
  • Las Vegas - Visibly affected by the economic depression. It's been taking a toll on both people and neighborhoods. Never did get a chance to take pictures inside Vegas Masonic Lodge #32, as I could have during a visit to their morning coffee club, open to the public. Also sad that time didn't allow for visits to either the Neon Graveyard or the Erotic Heritage Museum (nsfw). Happy to visit Johnstons Stables. Wished that someone answered the phone while I was taking shots outside, had hoped to get inside the expansive and intriguing grounds. Very happy to go to Frankie's Tiki Room. Leaving Vegas, had great subs (A "Bobbie" & "Slaw Be Jo") at the Boulder City Capriotti's.
  • Tinkertown, NM! A great off-the-beaten-track attraction. 3$ bucks well spent!
  • Visited Santa Fe, MN. Had inexpensive, good food at Harry's Road House and a great night at the El Ray Inn. The historic motor lodge was the hotel highlight of the trip. Would stay there again and recommend it to road-weary travelers. All found in the AAA guidebook.
  • Stayed in Holbrook, NM, a Route 66 town. Gave me a desire to do a trip along the Mother Road.
That was a lot of driving and I'm happy we are happily back in Houston (except for an upcoming short side-trip to Kentucky, 2,000 mile round trip). I'll have to get myself reaquanited with all the things I wanted to do in town. See if the Odd Fellows Museum in the Heights and the Gulf Coast Electronics Museum are open yet.

Nice to be back in town.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009