Friday, December 31, 2010

Where The Blog Writer Is Supposed to Reflect Upon the Past Year and Aspires for More Good Things in the Next Year

I love when random online posts result in me finding something new to be interested and enthused about.  I hope occasionally I can do the same for my internet peeps.

Without going into details, the year has been a long one.  And while tonight will pass as every night does, it brings along a new year with it.  And that means reflecting on the year that was and the one that might be.  But I won't be reflecting in this blog post.  Instead, I will simply send thanks to close friends and the casual contacts that the internet puts me in touch with.  This post will appear in RSS readers and Facebook feeds and other ways people use to keep me in their online life.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Here Be Treasure": General Supply and Equipment - Houston, TX

This place made the Texas Junk Company look neat and tidy.  Plus, if you need 10 foot-long fiberglass longhorns (in picture above) this place is for you.  I drove by General Supply and Equipment while doing some Sig Byrd research and knew I would have to stop by the place.  Once there, I kept thinking there would be something great to be found.  And I'm hoping that will be true on another visit, when I have a camera that doesn't run out of juice.  Until then, I just have to enjoy the "No Children Allowed" sign.