Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Good Things from the Past & Present: Artistic Institutions

Jobs and employers.

They can be anything from the best thing ever to the worst, consuming time and thoughts that should be spent on friends, family and one's self.  So, I was happy to give two weeks notice at the job where I felt unable to meet my boss's unreasonable expectations, for what I hope to be my dream job.

Full time art installation at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Just yesterday, I found this lovely typography-and-designed-filled ode to an former employee of the Knox Hat Company, circa 1907.  Robert MacFarland was given a gorgeous token of appreciation for his time at the company.

It was a reminder that people can be appreciated for their contributions (something that many of my co-workers expressed when I told them of my impending departure.)

And so, I look forward to new inspiration for myself and this blog.  In the mean time, enjoy the lovely artistic printing flickr user relic57 rediscovered and posted.

Resolution Engrossing II, originally uploaded by relic57.