Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doomsday Wrestling @ Fitzgerald's, Houston TX

Doomsday Wrestling at Fitzgerald's. Good time. Nice way to spend a Saturday night.

The Adonis Explosion

Dirty Sanchez (manager) berating the Kosher Killer.
"I'm talking to jew!"

Silicone Valley's Pretty Perfect in the ring with Texan girl Charlene Lonestar.


Anonymous said...

Hope you made the most recent show--DDX: Doomsday Goes to Hell, which was Sat, 9/27. Thanks for the post! Keep updated on our myspace or

Seth (aka Hunk Michaels and the Kosher Killer)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! We're glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. Rock on,

Dave (aka Jack HellHammer & Rik Gorgeous)