Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Houston Art Car Weekend: Pictures and Links

lady of transportation, originally uploaded by Nick-D..

Houston Art Car Parade 2008, originally uploaded by ThisIsIt2.

DSC_6473, originally uploaded by Hookham.Fotography.

There are loads of parade pictures online and these are just a few of the local Flickr-photogs that contributed to the Houston Art Car Parade 2008 photo pool.

Delta Niner (who has been a great help with car names and creators on my pictures)
Hookham Photo

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My art car weekend was a success. A sweet baby that handled the heat and noise well (better than Rollerderby), running into co-workers of my wife's, and of course, her love and indulgence.

The result was a collection of pretty-good pictures and some video that I have hopes of placing online for all to see and enjoy. I am still tagging and titling the photos with car names and numbers. It was my first outing with the camcorder, and our oldish Apple laptop has struggling with the video editing and rendering. So, unlike the ease of uploading photos, the video editing and preparation has been time consuming.

A great weekend and more proof why this city is a good one for me and mine.


Amber said...

OMG. I love the "Texas Size Phone." Reminds me of Telezonia!

Mr. Kimberly said...

Here is Telezonia (1974) in all its bizarro glory!

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