Monday, January 22, 2007

Meat: The Main Course - Of Course!

Meat: The Main Course - a Flickr photoset

A 1942 guide to meats from the fine folks at Kingan and Co.

Recipes, advice, pictures and a preface from Ann King, Home Economic Director at Kingan.

Enjoy delights like:

Fried Ham with Heavy Cream (pg. 3)
Tasti-Cooked Picnic with Raisin and Orange Sause (pg. 5)
Braunschweiger and Celery Canapes (pg. 17)

...everything you wanted to know about Tasti-Square Meats (pg. 15) and much, much more.


Seth said...

Reminds me of an episode of Ren & Stimpy.

Stimpy: "What would you like to drink, Kowalski?"

Kowalski: "MEAT!"

Robert said...

Ever since we saw an episode of "Invader Zim" where Dib had his genes sliced with the DNA of baloney, we have the occasional outburst of,

"Taste me, I'm delicious!"