Wednesday, January 24, 2007

ATL at Sundance: "The Signal"

"This film will explode. Mark my words. It has cult classic written all over it. "

I was reading Ain't It Cool and found this review about The Signal. Made by the Atlanta filmmaking team of David Bruckner, Dan Bush, and Jacob Gentry it also has local actress Anessa Ramsey.

I'll be curious to see what happened to this movie. Anessa is one of the lead actresses, and a friend of me and the missus.


Seth said...

AJ Bowen is also in the film. He's an ex-local who went to high school with me and was a groomsman in my wedding.

duane said...

I think that some of this was filmed on my side of town; I was driving home from work one afternoon, and there were all these people standing in the road covered in blood. It was obvious they were filming. LOL

Seth said...

Added this story to the Metblog.

Thanks for the nudge, Robert.

Fat Asian Baby said...

and local musician JT Hall, of Variac, has a song in the film.