Monday, January 22, 2007

Instead of a Real Post, Random Things about the Blogger

When I got my haircut in Dublin, Ireland, they played nothing but Elvis Presley.

When I was a kid, I ate peanut-butter, dill pickle, and potato-chip sandwiches.  Now at a minimum, I have one peanut-butter sandwich a week.  Often with cornchips or potato-chips in it.

I never got paid for posing nude once.  Even though I was supposed to.

As a kid my great-aunt would often give me a hammer and a mechanical alarm clock.  I would beat the hell out of it until I couldn't get loose any more gears or springs.  Hours of good fun.

As a young, angst-filled kid, sometimes I didn't like eating with my parents.  So, if we were at a restaurant and I finished, I'd always ask to go to the car and listen to the radio.  It was there that I got very skilled at turning on every button (sunroof included) with my toes.  I would also imagine our '84 Monte Carlo could launch satellite-destroying missiles.


Amber said...

Dude, I thought my mom and I were the only ones who liked peanut butter and pickle sandwiches!! THey are soooo freaking good! Still eat em to this day. (Can't say I've tried adding the potato chips, though.)

Robert said...

Often these sandwiches had apple jelly, too. Try it with chips. I rarely eat a P.B. snadwich without.