Monday, November 06, 2006

My Productive Friends and the Man Formally Known as Artist

Work has always been fun for the people.  But even more so, because they have been starting to get things going in their lives.  

Jason (Grant's Music Skool) got signed with Sony and now had a tour bus at his dad's house.  It's waiting to take him around the country, taking his brand of country/rock to the people. His new contract is the beginning of better things, starting with a 2007 tour and record deal.  

Vas just got a commercial gig with Comcast, which means of you've seen a Comcast commercial with a chef in a kitchen, I know that guy.

And Charlie is a audio guy who has worked with Dick Hyman on a Woody Allen movie, amongst many other jobs and talents.  Now he is heading to Russia for a week to work with disadvantaged kids.

Me... former art major with loads of ideas that roll around in my head late at night... what do I have going?  Nothing.  I just spent the last couple of hours checking my email and surfing.  But all those good things that live in my head?  They still are only there, with little or no attempt to take the next steps to get them closer to reality.  I used to be an artist making sculpture and 2-D pieces.  That tapered off and since then kept thinking of other creative exercises (inventions, music, movie ideas) to occupy my mind.  But can you call yourself creative when you don't actually create a tangible item/thing?  Now I just call myself imaginative, as I have the problem of never being able to get my mind to be really still and quiet.  

Now that my busy work schedule is slowing down, I've got time to think of all the ways I am not making my ideas come true.  And besides beating myself up over my life-long habit of non-action I doubt anything will come of it.  It's all about action, and my tendency for perfectionism has kept me from taking the measures to make thing happen, out of the fear that they won't met my expectations.  And a real inability to ask other people to help with suggestions and advice.  So, instead, I have nothing to show for all the projects and ideas that live in my head.

Motivation, where to get some...?

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