Friday, November 10, 2006

"Karaoke got me feeling Poetry" - Late night out with some friends.

A couple of drinks helped. The nights events transpired a little like this...

A night of karaoke, middle of nowhere suburban bar,
where something/nothing orange night lights lead to...
country rockstars singing with Monty lawyer types,
who crooned Johny Cash songs,
and dueted Linkin Park.

Drunken directions made for late night corrections,
which headed south and back on my way
back to the 75.

WRAS had poets unknown making the trip back,
a distraction and dark copilot home.
Urban Atlanta makes itself known again,
a black urban witch wandered the streets,
rolled down the window, but missed her missives

A pale film of fog covered the last bit of road,
off of the park and ahead of my path.

And now to my place,
and hungry cat.

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