Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Roadtrip! North Georgia Here We Come...

... in a couple days.

In celebration of my sweetie not getting jury duty on Thursday, we're planning a roadtrip.

The sights to be seen include:

The Georgia Guidestones, America's Stonehenge

Either a new-age celebration of man's better angels or a monument to the soul-crushing goals of the new world order. Either way I want a picture of myself next to it.

Bavarian Helen, GA

Take a normal little town. Now add a Baravian facade to every building you can get your hands on. Helen did, and we're hoping to see for ourselves.

Kangaroo Conservation Center

And now, I must surf some more in hopes of finding even more strange places to visit.

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Amber said...

Here's the part where I blatantly plug my Georgia Guidestones photo gallery.