Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Music that Lives on My Computer: Last.fm

After seeing that Mr. P'body posted some of his musical tastes using his account at Last.fm and some of their tools, I had to do the same.

Artists most played overall:

Click the chart to see the remaining 40 bands that made the top 50.

Songs most recently played this week:

I find that I like Radiohead songs when performed by other groups. The Mark Ronson song is a great cover of their song "Just". The funk-filled song has loads of horn section, great beat and a sweet video (Quicktime Video).

For another great Radiohead cover check out the 2003 MP3 of "Paranoid Android" played by the UMass Front Percussion Ensemble.

For those looking to get exposed to lots of great music, I would highly recommend the Not Your Usual Bollocks podcast.

"NYUB was created to provide on-demand refuge from main-stream radio. NYUB harnesses podcasting technology to bring direct to you, the best independent and unsigned artists from the rock and electronic music genres. It's not your usual bollocks.....because mainstream radio is shit."

Check his site for podcasts, playlists, and band links.

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andisheh said...

You've got The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. That makes you my friend.

Hello, friend.

Mr. P'body said...

Rock, Rock On!