Thursday, March 23, 2006

Socks, Shoes, Shirts: Fashionably Frugal While Staying Put

Being cheap is good.
Spending less then you earn is better.
Debt is bad.

It's within those three comments that my wife and I live, and thank god for that. The income of a former-art major and a college professor isn't all that. But not only have we managed to make a decent living, we do make the occasional splurges now and again. And while we haven't managed any international travel recently, we are always looking for that cheap flight that cries out, "Why not Iceland?" Or some other locale that we wouldn't have thought of going to. Before 9-11, we were seriously thinking about a trip to Marrakesh, Morocco. We gave that up, despite that country being a moderate Islamic country. Maybe we will reconsider.

For now, it's cheap clothes and a roadtrip starting tomorrow. At Threadless T-Shirts, a $10 t-shirt sale combined with a reissue of a favorite design meant buying this t-shirt...

The Loch Ness Impostor. Sweet.

Now if they would only reissue the Communist Party one...

Just today I was reading Cool Hunting when they featured Stroke Socks, makers of striped socks ( I like the Greyscale, Mud Stream, and Saville Reds). In my search for good socks I have bought women's socks because they were more interesting then anything else in the men's section. I'm loath to spend $10 bucks on socks, but the way I buy things a small splurge means not buying additional ones for ages. I still wear the 3 pairs of shoes I spent $360 7 years ago.

While the available online, the sock site says that Young Blood Gallery and Boutique carries their products, so I may shop locally instead.

Hopefully, I will get out of jury duty in April so I can bust my ass working and not feel guilty for upgrading the wardrobe. Keeping the fingers crossed.

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bobafred said...

I ordered 3 Threadless shirts two days before their big sale. Damn! Anyway, I love their stuff.