Friday, January 20, 2006

Never, Never and Never: The Anniversablog

Before last night I never...

Went to Trader Vic's
Went to the Earl,
Had an Irish Carbomb.

Well, I went to both bars, and by the end of the evening had more then one carbomb. Last night's final score,

Trader Vic's - 1 Southern Comfort Manhatten
The Earl - 1 Red Strip, and wait for it... 3 Irish Car Bombs.

Not bad. It was all in celebration of the One-Year Anniversary of the first "Atlanta People With Blogs Who Get Together To Drink" meetup. Much fun was had because I spent most of the night with Messages from the Ether, Scott, Lisa, Lady Crumpet. Who was also generous enough to give us a ride to both the Earl and me back to my place. Many thanks for that.

Also seen at this celebration of booze...

Daily Dose of Dave
Twelfth Planet, Planetary Politics & Other Yakketyboo
Mingaling (waiting for her report on the night's debauchery)

plus many more.

Best of all, went to work with no hangover.


Anniversablog - a photoset on Flickr let's go... nananana... OUT TONIGHT!
bobafred � Happy Anniversary!

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duane said...

Irish Car Bombs = Awesome.