Saturday, January 21, 2006

Random, Not Related: Beautiful Geeks and Pinball

The best things in life are often the most frivilous.

Example #1 Beauty & The Geek 2

Watched last year, watching it now, not ashamed at all. Local connection... contestant Wes is a Georgia Tech (BA in computer science) and tracks monkeys with lasers. The show is better than you think.

Example #2 The Pinball Hall of Fame

My wife was reading from the Vegas Goths mailing list (which despite our move to Atlanta, she is still getting) that the Sin City's Pinball Hall of Fame has finally opened its doors. This museum has been the longtime dream of Tim Arnold who has amassed a huge collection of privately owned pinball machines.

"Arnold owns one of the largest pinball collections in the world more than 1,000 by his estimation. Of course, that's counting large, single pieces of machines older than he is.

But 400 of his games are ready to play, after Arnold painstakingly rebuilt them from existing parts by cannibalizing other machines and from junk heaps he has combed through for the last decade."

From the Las Vegas SUN: Bumper Crop: Arnold flips for vintage pinball machines

Usually his warehouse was so packed that you couldn't walk between the machines. But once a year he would have public fun-nights where he would clear out enough to have people over and play the games. All the machines were working and free to play.

Now, his current place on the strip may be nothing more than a small storefront with no air conditioning. But, the man's keeping his dream alive. And if that doesn't work, check the last paragraph of this page He knows where the real money is.


Vegas Goths Posting with Museum's Location

"Greetings, if you get the chance please stop by the new `Pinball Museum' located right next to the Tropicana Theater at Pecos and Tropicana. Two buddies of mine, Tim and Hippy, are finally realizing their dream and got the place up and running. They have a good selection of very old and newer machines. All priced at a quarter or two. These are really good guys that for years have put on the famous `Pinball Night' for charity and they really could use your help. The place doesn't have a sign and money is tight so advertising is right out for now, so please give them a hand and send this to all your friends and enemies alike!"

Sparky of Las Vegas- Tim Arnold Pinball Hall of Fame Museum

Pictures from the Tropicana Ave. Pinball of Fame - Las Vegas

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