Sunday, November 06, 2005

Road Trip Saturday: Social Circle, Madison, Athens, GA

Since our arrival in Atlanta, we hadn't been any further than Stone Mountain Village. With a lull in work, the wife and I planned a trip to Madison and Athens, GA. The main attraction in Madison was the tiny cars of the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum. While the website taunts with a collection of great pictures of tiny cars, Bruce doesn't spend much time with his cars... Tuesdays, Thursdays, and on Saturdays by appointment only. So with no appointment made, we weren't going to be seeing any small cars today. But we decided to head off anyways to Madison and Athens.

On our way, we passed a sign for "Historic Social Circle," Social Circle being a small community north of the 20. When visiting a "Historic" district, one is betting that the ratio of cheesiness to genuine historic worth is balanced. Meaning that the place you are visiting, usually a Main St., has a nice collection of restored and nicely painted buildings and only a few of the tenants have names like "Karl's Krap" and "Julie's Jeweled Junk." Social Circle has a perfectly fine historic district. Nuff said.

Back on the road, we go to Madison. Lots of cute houses, including this one...

House 1 - Madison, GA, originally uploaded by Mr. Kimberly.

... love the windows on it. Madison also has a decent village square and a good candy store. 1/4 lb of maple fudge and 1/4 lb of chocolate walnut were bought at Antique Sweets. And on to Athens we went.

We had never been to Athens and their brochures we got at the Madison Chamber of Commerce were no help. So in looking for a restaurant, we hit one of the health food grocery stores and asked for advice on finding a place to eat. One of the suggestions was The Last Resort, which is where we ended up eating. And what a great choice! Seriously good food, mine was penne with beef tenderloin and carrots and green beans. It tasted so great and it felt nice and healthy. Highly recommended.

Lastly we went back to our car to find it blocked by a bus...

Girls Gone Wild - Athens, GA, originally uploaded by Mr. Kimberly.

... until they tired of being wild in Athens. In the picture is my favorite wild girl, my wife.


Amber said...

I am so aching for another Georgia road trip of my own. Your pictures have made me salivate. (But, er, don't you or your wife take that the wrong way, please.)

Great pictures, glad you had fun.

duane said...

Oh God! Girls gone wild in Athens? What perves those people are... I hate that crap. it is just the objectification of women, and it is wrong. I saw them in Cancun, and all it did was make me mad!

Amber said...

Yeah, they piss me off, too. That's an example of BAD porn. Gives a bad name to the actual GOOD porn out there. The other thing is, some of those girls are stupid though... they'll do all that shit without asking for compensation. I'd be all like, "Yeah, I'll show you my boobs... got a contract and a notary public?"