Friday, November 04, 2005

City Mayors: Mine and Yours

I don't think of Shirley Franklin as my mayor. I had looked towards taking in new, cool bars and music venues when moving to Atlanta, but it seems she has worked hard towards making it harder for places like that to thrive. Now, take a look at Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman.

In the past he has said that if given the choice he would look towards leagalizing prostitution, was a celebrity photographer for Playboy, he is Sin City's biggest cheerleader, and most recently has suggested that the city should cut thumbs off graffiti 'punks'.

"Goodman said the city has a beautiful highway landscaping project and 'these punks come along and deface it... ...I'm saying maybe you put them on TV and cut off a thumb,' the mayor said. 'That may be the right thing to do.'"

Plus, once a month, he has a public meet-and-greet at a Vegas coffee house. You get ten minutes with hizzonner. He definately has his faults and detractors, but it hard to beat a former mob laywer who played himself in the movie "Casino" for attention grabbing stunts and city promotion.

So, in the upcoming election, what are the topics a new Atlantian should be paying attention to and what stance do the candidates have on them?


duane said...

I personally love Shirley, but maybe that is skewed because she is a friend of the gays... Kathy Cox on the other hand is NOT a friend of the gays, and seems to have her hand in every pot in hopes of stirring up the votes.

Amber said...

I'm a fan of Shirley as well, but damn, the Vegas mayor is cool...

Joseph said...

Compared to some previous mayors, Shirley Franklin is a huge improvement. I agree with you, though, that her administration has been characterized by a definite strain of puritanism.