Monday, November 07, 2005

Atlanta UE: Going Where You're Not Supposed To

Urban Exploration, think of it as tourism with a touch of breaking & entering. But between being a coward and the scorn heaped upon me by my wife at the very mention of it, I have yet to do any UE. The closest I have come is buying all the issues of Infiltration Zine...

... a cool read about people willing to tell their tales. The zine and the Infiltration website were the brainchildren of Ninjalicious. But the future of the zine is up in the air since his passing of cancer this year.

Atlanta has its fare share of UE fans poking around the city's bits. The Urban Exploration Resource website has a Georgia section and an Atlanta subsection. Earler this year, the city was host to APEX '05, a "conference" for urban exploration enthusiast, which included an tour of the city's abandoned attractions.

So, thanks to the internet for keeping me out of cool, abandoned buildings and free from tetanus because I stepped on a nail in the dark.


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