Saturday, November 12, 2005

Old Atlanta: Part Duex & Work Report

Continuing my last post's historical theme (and seemingly my compulsive weekend blogging), the Atlanta Time Machine has lots of now-and-then pictures of the city. Listed by location, the side-by-side comparisons use the same angles illustration well what has changed and remained the same. The shear volume of newly taken pictures show that the site is a labor of love. And the "Atlanta, My Home Town" mp3 shows that the city didn't need a new theme jingle to replace the first written in 1961. Maybe it should have just been rerecorded by Outcast.


On a work related note, I got to work the Laurie Anderson show at the Ferst Center. She's a well regarded visual/performance artist and NASA's only resident artist, and it was that experience that she based last night's performance on. Really nice, gracious person. As the crew was breaking down the stage we started talking about identity theft, and she joked that she wished someone would steal her's. I told her she should either sell it on eBay or rent it out. I think she liked the idea of that. When I told her that the folks over at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center hoped she would stop by for tonight's opening (Saturday 12th) she sounded genuinely disappointed that she was leaving that night. I always had an appreciation for her performances, and now I have an even better impression of her as well. It's nice to get paid to work for good people.

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