Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Didn't Know, I Didn't Go, LCD Soundsystem Show

Patience is a virtue and one that my wife has in spades when it comes to me complaining about not hitting the town's clubs and bars. My complaints have been general ones, since there have been few bands that I really wanted to see. So when LCD Soundsystem was coming to town this weekend I was psyched. The upsides was I liked the band and there was an after-party. The downside was a lack of money and a Sunday workday that started at 9am.

Kissatlanta.com put out a post saying that the first 5 commentss on their site would get free passes to the after-party. Cool, less money to spend. Went to the site to find 2 comments, me being number 3. Placed my post only to find that it would not show it. Came back later to find 3 newly published posts all made earlier in the day now showing ahead of my post, which made 5 before me and left me disqualified. Bummed.

Spent the rest of the day out with my wife running around town, having fun. Got call late that afternoon, my boss over at the Ferst Center... want to work? With no LCD Soundsysterm show to go to I'm game and tell him so. Come home to find an email, its Preston over at KissAtlanta tell me I got free aftershow passes. Grrr...

Long story short; Saturday night... went to work, didn't see the band, got some sleep, went to the Ferst Center on Sunday, had a 13 hour workday. I guess its best I didn't go.

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duane said...

OH MY GOD. That Tribulations song is my absolute favorite song EVER (right now). I am seriously in love with it!