Saturday, November 12, 2005

International Time Capsule Society: And Other Groups that Like Old Crap

I like old things: cars, pictures, etc. So, I was pretty pleased that an eccentric entity like the Oglethorpe University's International Time Capsule Society resides in Atlanta. What to actually do with this newly acquired knowledge, um... I don't know.

But thinking about historical surroundings and preservation aren't new fascinations for some folks, myself included. In the 1870s, the Society for Photographing Relics of Old London started taking pictures of sites in the city that were old at that time. Places like The Oxford Arms, Warwick Lane were in peril when the picture was taken and destroyed soon after the picture was taken. That place and others can be seen here at The Eastern Window. That's why I've been digging the pix of some of the local blogger/flickr/urban explorer people. They have captured some things that have already been lost like Casa Destruido someplace in the city...

... and Brooke Novak's got some Urban Decay | Texture which includes this former Mr. Fangs mural which is no longer around.

Mr. Fangs, originally uploaded by brookenovak.


Amber said...

Wow. Great pictures. That Mr. Fangs mural kicks ass. I think Mr. Fangs should be Atlanta's mascot.

Oh, and the London pictures are amazing, as well. How fortunate that they photographed so many places right before their destruction?

I think the only picture I have of somewhere that's no longer extant (in Atlanta) is of the apartment building that used to stand on 14th St. beside Willy's, near the entrance of Piedmont Park. Actually in my picture, it is already halfway demolished. I'll have to dig up that picture.

duane said...

I am with Amber, Mr Fangs should be the ATL mascot... I was lucky enough to capture several shots of that wall 1 week before it was painted over. Love it!