Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Sloth: Slacking on the Sabbath

Wilde on Dublin, originally uploaded by Mr. Kimberly.

My wife and I have a date for tonight, but for now she is grading up a storm. The G.Tech kids want their grades back. Me, I'm slacking. Doing laundry and posting pix up on Flickr. New shots of Piedmont park and old pictures of our trip to Dublin, Ireland. Great place to vist, one quarter of the country's population lives there and city feels young because 37% of the general population is under 25 and a bigger percentage lives in the city. In the picture above Mr Wilde lounges in a park nearby his birthhome, lording over the kids and wondering why they aren't misbehaving more.

After he died, painter Francis Bacon's studio and all its contents were relocated to the Hugh Lane Gallery, Archeologist survyed the studio, mapping its clutter so it could be reproduced once it was shipped from its original location in London.

Francis Bacon's Studio, originally uploaded by Mr. Kimberly.

The sweet wife was attending a conferance in Dublin which left me with time to explore the city. I stumbled upon the Grand Lodge of Ireland. I somehow convinced my wife to join me in a tour of the building. Which while the building was ornate and gorgeous, the tour did not provide me with the secrets of how their global takeover was progressing. But my pictures of the lodge turned out nicely. I would highly recommend a visit to the lodge in Dublin.

We've been to London, Paris, and Dublin. Checking all these old pictures has me wishing for another trip abroad. Any suggestions for new cities, and places to visit in the already-visited cities?

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duane said...

you should go south of Paris to Lyon... a small town, with lots of little villages all around it. It is very nice...

I have always wanted to go to Ireland, and maybe we will have to plan on that for real now!