Thursday, September 29, 2005

Jesus Loves Me This I Know, A Jack Chick Tract Told Me So...

I LOVE Jack Chick Tracts, and today I got one! I was working on campus at Georgia Tech. While on my lunch break, a nice woman handed me a little book, about twice the size of a matchbook. It was crazy Jack Chick and his gospel comic books. When last I visited Mr. Chick's website, he had only been doing the miniature comic books, but now he has branched out into film with The Light of the World. The movie is a perfect example of his world view, where Christians can still go to hell and the Catholic Church is the devil's doing. The movie has online clips, including this one with the following quote.

"Satan has multitudes following the teachings of Buddha, but Buddha is dead... ... one of Satan's masterpiece's is Islam..."

While Chick writes all the text, he hires Fred Carter for the illustration. The color stills in the movie are great and have a wonderful garish quality that compliments the overboard narration. Carter's black and white images add a true heft to the books, and have alway reminded me of the works of 19th century illustrator Gustav Dore (see below).

Chick is extremely private, and believes that the Catholic Church is both out to "get him" and collecting all of his works. So it is ironic that Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers got an invitation to the premier of the movie, and managed to post a short interview with the reclusive Mr. Chick.


Also see Gustave Dore Art Images for more great images.


Amber said...

Chick Tracts are great. Where else can you learn about the insidious plots of Jews, Catholics, and homosexuals (just to name a few)?

Anonymous said...

Amber, apparently lives in the fantasy world. Pelagian would love Chick, so too Gnostics. Fundys love to hear the Gospel of Chick as most are incest breed and bored. Having the "in" makes them feel oh so special!!!

Try Catholic Answers section on Chick- basically the rich and elusive Chick has not a leg to stand on. If you follow him, neither do you!!!!!!!!

Robert said...

To quote Monty Python,

"I've got two legs from my hips to the ground,
and when I move them I walk around."

But thanks to the anonymous poster for getting me to look up The Pelagian Heresy.

I'll be asking Amber about where in the world she is.