Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cutie with a Hand-Cannon.

My sweet and smiling wife finds happiness is a warm gun, specifically a Ruger .44. Being the anglophile that she is, she wished to have a smaller Walter PPK that she would nickname "Moneypenny."

The poor image quality is due to the fact that this picture lives in my wallet, and the image is cropped due to privacy issues and good aim.


mark said...

That gun is bigger than she is.

Aradia said...

Ooooh baby! Nothing hotter than a little lady with a big gun ;-)

...And where can I get one of those...for when I'm experiencing road rage...?

Robert said...

Indeed, the gun is huge and my wife is not. You can rent or buy that gun at The Gun Store, on 2900 E. Tropicana, Las Vegas. Rent the gun, buy some shells, and shot to your hearts content. And Aradia, "Tuesday is Ladies Day, FREE range use for all ladies..." You can even fire off a Thomson Machine gun!!!

That was our first visit to Vegas, good times.

shoobie said...

hey man just saw that you posted that in response to my ridiculous antics on gun control...

thanks for the link, even if it was like 6 months ago and i just figured it out now.

im going to add you to my roll.