Saturday, September 24, 2005

You Don't Know Me But... Looking for Work in a New City

The internet builds weird networks. Months before moving I was searching out Atlanta bloggers in an attempt to get a feel for my soon-to-be new city. Since moving here, the "Atlanta People With Blogs Who Get Together To Drink" meetup has given me a few faces and names, but I could walk by many of the people I read about on a daily basis. I find myself writing posts in response to what they are posting, questions they are asking, and events that I wouldn't know about if it weren't for them. For someone with few familiar faces in town, it's nice to get comments on posts. This post is a result of The Muse at Strip Search City asking me, "So, how's life in the ATL so far? "

Here's the answer, pretty damn good. Much of that is a result of my wife, who's job allows me to be selective and who's patience is letting me take a lot of time doing it. Plus, I tweeked my back and I need a strong back for many of the jobs I like. All the work I'm looking for is on-call, the jobs lasting for short periods of time. Art installation, lighting installation for rock & roll, theater. Since we moved here, I had been shopping my resume around; stopping by a collection of galleries, museums and the performing art center at Georgia Tech. Also, I tracked down a collection of email addresses of people identifying themselves as Atlanta stagehands and just emailed them. And I've had good fortune all around...

* Stopping by the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center resulted in a job a few weeks ago and meeting a bunch of good people.

* Talking to the folks at the Museum of Design resulted in a job that will take place in October.

* A visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art GA lead to an email yesterday with another job lead. I wait for a phone called to be returned.

* The emails from a few of the responding stagehands led to several leads including the Ferst Center for the Arts. An unannounced visit to the Ferst resulted in getting hired on tthe spot, put on the on-call list and asked to work this week.

Even if the people I introduced myself to didn't have work, they had suggestions, information, and warnings on places to avoid. Most everyone I met was generous with the help they had to a guy they had never met before and had no obligation to even give time to. I've had pretty good luck most places I've gone, but I've been most impressed with the people I am meeting in Atlanta. I've always liked working in the arts and performance scene and this has me hopeful about continuing that here.

Hopefully working more/less blogging will mean more interesting posts. And for those who are leaving comments, thanks. It's cool hearing from you all.

Blogging Meme, posted by Tony, who read it at Scrivenings: 23:5 Blog Meme...

23rd Post, 5th sentence, "There is a big possibility that the simultaneous polar reversal in earth and sun will throw the solar system out of whack." *!

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