Monday, September 26, 2005

Good Work Ethic: Impressing on a First Impression

Humility, manners and a good resume. Those are my best tools when walking into an office with no appointment, hoping to meet the right person that will say, "Yes, we will give you money for your time and effort."

So far, it's working pretty good. In my entire work history, a large majority of my jobs were on-call, contractual ones. I like a variety of jobs that I can pick and choose from. I also love the luxury of leaving the work at the site. When I finish for a day, there aren't any things to stress about because if there was something to be completed, either the boss would keep us there until completion or it could wait another day. It's a very specific style of work, and one that I love. What it lacks in stability and regularity, it makes up in life free of work-related stress.

So today, scouted two companies. The first was fine, with me filling out hired-hand forms and the obligitory talk about needing to give me a try before making any promises about future work. Fair enough. The second company got a good vibe. Big company, looked like money, had lots of rental equipment and was busy. I came in looking for temp work and they offered full-time. Most people would think that full-time is better then part, but not me. See, above paragraph. Also the job was above my skill level. I told them that I would rather sell myself short and prove myself in the long run. Some would say it shows a lack of confindence, but I know my strength's and I've made a decent living off of them in the past. But taking on too much would screw my employer as much as myself. Told my wife as much and she agreed. I love that she's got my back on this one.

And that's what I did on my Monday.


Ms. Farrar said...

Good luck! Sounds like you're already doing great to me.

duane said...

I should get job advice from you... sounds like you already have it figured out!!!