Monday, April 05, 2010

Upcoming Apple Store Visit: Do I Have To?!

Soon I will be in the presence of the iPad (runs on rainbows and unicorn tears, cures cancer, etc...) when I visit the Apple store next.  A laptop problem meant dropping the computer off to Apple last week.  With the iPads debut on the weekend, that might explain why the repair is taking on the long side of the estimate.  I'll be curious to get my mitts on one, to see how the hype stands up.  SketchBook Pro is now on it, and I'll be curious when something like Garageband/Logic (MIDI music creation software) arrives.  A lack of funds will still keep me from getting one, but still... to dream.

But if the insanity is still running strong, I may enter the store only to be swallowed up by it.  If that's the case, I send love to wife and daughter safe in the knowledge that I will be in a better (and nicely designed) place.

And if I do get out alive, I'll be going to second-best store in the Galleria Mall.

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