Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Afternoon Photo Post: The Artery & Scrap Daddy Studio

I love Houston's randomness and its ability to foster strange environments. As we hunt for a house, we have found such places is some of the city's more residential area's. Between W. Belfort and Willowbend, there's a stretch of undeveloped greenland where high-voltage power-lines run. And grazing in that area are horses. The juxtaposition is great (and in need of a photograph.)

Like the electric horseland, random driving around Houston found me stumbling across the Scrap Daddy studios. The mix of industrial and residential made it less surprising, but still totally enjoyable. Lastly, I was directed by a colleague to search out The Artery. This is a hidden little eden, looking much like an abandoned property. Its not, and will be worth another visit.

The Artery - Houston, TX, originally uploaded by Mr. Kimberly.

The Artery - Houston, TX, originally uploaded by Mr. Kimberly.


Robert Boyd said...

What a weird coincidence. I went to the opening of a new show at Poissant Gallery on Friday. It's on Center St., and parking is always a nightmare near there, so I kept driving north to find a spot--until I ended up at Scrap Daddy. Mark was in the yard spray-painting some of his cars, getting ready for the Art Car Parade. He invited me to look around and take pictures...I'll probably upload them at some point.

Mr. Kimberly said...

It was after seeing the Jawshing Arthur Liou show that I got a change to really check out the Scrap Daddy yard. I like seeing art cars in their natural environment. That's great that you got to meet Mark. I hope to do the same sometime.