Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Simple Joys of A Domesticated House Husband

What is happiness? A $7.01 Dyson vacuum cleaner. How?...

Careful labeling of
credit cards, by the missus,
detailing bonus point programs


Years of buying groceries and
other typical expenses,
getting lots
of bonus

Many dollars in redeemed
Bed, Bath and Beyond
gift cards


20% off
Bed, Bath and Beyond




It has this high-design fussiness that I both like and concerned me (might it be a delicate British sportscar instead of a blander, more robust Honda?) Subsequent use has proven it worry-free. Cleans like a trooper, easy to navigate, and easy to clean.

We also recently won an eBay auction, ending up with a beautiful Danish-Modern America-made bedroom set. It had transformed our bedroom into one of the best looking rooms we now have. It's also the last major furniture purchases we plan on. It looks like it had one owner, the nightstands still have their tags in them.

With a broken TV, the tantalizing promise of a flat screen is in the air. But I won't push too hard on that one for now. My dream would be a flat-screen TV with a custom-made teak surround that would blend with the Danish Mod living room furnishings we have. A Craigslist replacement may be bought in the meantime.

Yet with all these purchases, no guilt. Frugal living allows for the occasional indulgence. Plus, it's hard to feel bad when the newly-bought items look so good.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you are WIN!

I would like to see some pics of the new bedroom furniture.

also, 'But I won't push to hard on that one for now.'

-- should be 'too'. Bob the Angry Flower would not be pleased.