Friday, February 22, 2008

The Strange and Historical in Houston & Texas

Castle Golf Houston Texas, originally uploaded by ThisIsIt2.

Abandoned But Not Forgotten's entry on the now-destroyed Abandoned Malibu Grand Prix mini park. Houston Flickr photographer ThisIsIt2 shot a few pictures of the mini-golf site's last day.

Photos of Abandoned Buildings of Downtown Houston on

Gorgeous photo of blimps in long-gone hanger... [Four K-type airships docked in the hangar at Hitchcock Naval Air Station]. Map, info and updated photos on

Oh, what fun there was to be had in the abandoned Savoy Hotel in 2004...
Houston Architecture Info Forum - HAIF� > The Savoy

The Virtual Museum of Texas' Cultural Heritage (UT Austin) - Texas Beyond History

Saving the best for last, somewhere in Texas (unconfirmed,) an underground rocket points at the center of the earth waiting to be fired.