Thursday, March 27, 2008

Palmer and Krisel Homes & House Hunting in Houston

Classic Las Vegas Blog recently posted about the Paradise Palms neighborhood in Sin City. While Vegas is mainly overrun with big-box stores, boring neighborhoods and one or two casinos, there are a few remaining architectural treasures to be found.

Some works of Palmer and Kriesel can be still found in Vegas, and new versions of these homes are being recommissioned in Palm Springs and LA.

Something like those homes are all but impossible to find here. Houston has a lot to offer in modern architecture and we have had much fun finding neighborhoods that we would like to call home. When we sell our Vegas house (3bd, 2b, pool, Rancho Manor, email me for questions :) we will be looking to buy in Houston. The dream of building from scratch will be a dream unrealized. But it is fun to look and see what we could have if only someone would drop off a dump truck of money for us.

Until we sell in Vegas, we will continue to window shop in Houston.

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The Houstonist posted about the Frame House and other lovely Houston homes - Flickr: MidCentArc's photos tagged with houston

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We don't seem to appreciate those things until they're mostly gone.