Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lite Brite Trucks: Decotora Trucks from Japan

I am looking forward to the Houston Art Car Parade on May 10th. Got it on the calendar and everything. Might even try to trick the stroller out a bit. Baby's first art car.

While waiting for that day, I would love to be thumbing through photographer Masaru Tatsuki book Decotora.

From the “Decotora” photo book. © Masaru Tatsuki

Documenting the unique trucker culture in Japan, these stunning trucks roam the streets and highways of the island country. When we moved to Atlanta, I joked these are what Vegas moving trucks look like. He's got a show in Tokyo's Little More Chika gallery. Looks like a perfect fit for the Art Car Museum.

I'd love to see a night-time continuation of the art car parade with a convoy of these trucks heading down Allen Parkway. Maybe the Orange Show Foundation can do some outreach to the truck drivers that own these crazy beasts.

But can't find the book for purchase in the US. Grrrr....

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