Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Last New Computer I Will Ever Own

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I've been told there might be a new computer for me in the near future. "My last computer," the one that would keep me from bitching about not having "whatever" it is that I would need to be happy. I'm the kind of guy that goes, "This is great but you know what would make it better..." That can't be the case with a big-ticket item.

So, I'm looking at the ModBook, a converted MacBook slate-style PC running OS X. Produced as an Apple-authorized product, all the Apple-made components are cover by their warranty. This lovely beast would make me quite happy. Lot of people posting about the delays in shipping, has me taking a hard look before leaping. That and my lack of money.

This is the computer and peripherals of my dreams:

ModBook (Faster model) - $2,479.00
Extra Battery -$129
Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard - $79.00
MIDI Keyboard (Maybe M-Audio Oxygen 49) $189.00 new
Bluetooth Headphones - $49 and up
Laptop Carry Case - about $100
Portable Stand - ???

Total - $3,050 and that's not including shipping or software. 'Xpensive? yes. Happy making? YES! Only the future will tell if I have this sweet machine as the last new Apple (barring terrible technology tragedy) I will ever have.

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