Thursday, January 03, 2008

Nightshift at the Baby Factory

I've got the late shift at our house. Besides me is a sprawled-out cutie looking just like a drunk. I'm resisting the urge to put my beer bottle next to her and grab the camera. Nothing says good parenting like infants, alcohol and digital pictures to enter into evidence. Adding to our electronics collection, we just bought our first camcorder and ended up with the first video of the kid. While fiddling with the night vision settings, got a couple of seconds of really funny faces followed by some college-level puking. It's the kind of video you keep for a rainy day, when the kid is obnoxious, dating and asking for it. She'll run away, shrieking, "I hate you all!" So, all the more reason to keep it on file.

Instead of writing something more substantial then this blog entry, I'm watching a show about a blocked writer, and it is also about boobs. So, bonus! I got to get back into/start the habit of writing. Between the TV and internet, its easy being passively entertained. If I could be as entertained by my own writing as others, I'd be happy.

All the while, a sink full of dishes cries out to be cleaned.

Lastly, an early picture of the sweet kid (7 days already?!) that will be a favorite for all time.


Amber said...

Heh, there's a photo of me chugging the last drop out of a beer bottle at about 8 months old. Next time I visit my parents I'll look for it and scan it.

Dwanollah said...

Ah, yes, the picture that shows just which parent she most resembles....