Friday, July 20, 2007

Bent Fabrication and Dangerous Things for Children

So, I'm checking my web stats and found that some people had looked at my site because of this picture from Bent Fabrication (which I had hot-linked to, bad internet behavior.) I've corrected that situation by stealing the picture. So much better! I will be emailing for permission sometime soon.

And where does he live? Houston. I'm going to like this city I think.

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More good kids stuff as seen in "Modern Mechanix" - Two-Wheel Stroller.

Or a beautifully unsafe 50's car seat below (as seen in the Peterson Automobile Museum.) Fortunately, our modern age provides us both with much-improved safety seats and carriages, and the ability to buy all these vintage child-mangling toys of death on eBay.

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Amber said...

Wow. Where do people get these ideas?

Glad you're enjoying Houston, btw!