Friday, July 06, 2007

A Personal Monument: Adventures in Stone

The future prospect of having a long-term house has me thinking about a long-term project. A kind of monument to personal things, travel and life. I got the idea from a 70 year-old monument in the Smokey Mountains.

The Great Smoky Mountains Masonic Monument was built in 1937. The main idea of it was expressed this way, "...we conceive the idea of a Masonic Marker as a true symbol of the universality of Masonry, and therefore have requested Masons of all countries and states to contribute stones to go therein. Interesting stones have come from five continents, the isles of the seven seas, and from historic spots of nearly every state in the Union."

A downloadable PDF of the Masonic Shrine Catalogue of Stones in Marker has drawings of each side of the marker with entries of every stone that was added to the memorial.

Many of the included stones have simple description, but some have long, involved stories. This is but a short part of one of the stones' entries, "275 Stone picked up at Sira Mountain, extinct volcano near Aden, Arabia, where according to Major H. Wilburforce Bell in his 'Romances of Aden,' the Queen of Sheba conferred with Solomon..." It goes on, but that bit is some pretty good stuff.

Since we travel a bit, I like the idea of some sort of marker somewhere in a yard with stones added and embedded in it. A physical scrapbook, a collection of places visited with something from each location brought back and incorporated into it. Now, I doubt it would look like the monument the Masons built so long ago. It could take just about any shape.

My only concern would be having to move it if we moved. But I already have an idea for that...

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Dogwood Girl said...

That is a really cool idea. I always wanted to do a signpost in my yard that with pointers and mileage to all the of the places that have meaning to me. (Like the one in the camp on MASH.)

But this, this is so much more visually interesting. Thanks!