Saturday, July 07, 2007

Miscellaneous Things Done in the Last Two Weeks

Went and saw the movie Paprika. Beauty of a movie about the dream and real worlds merging. But for all its artistry, I don't think of it as one of the great animated movies. Extremely good, but not great. For fans of animation and especially Ghost in the Shell.

Saw the self proclaimed "King of Country Western Troubadours" Unknown Hinson at the Earl. He definitely deserve the term "guitar virtuoso."

Did 4th of July with wife and friend on top of a Downtown parking garage.

But by far the best thing I did was attend the AV Geeks collection of bizarre flicks at Eyedrum. Amber emailed me and told me about the fun to be had, and it was the best 5 bucks I've spent in a long time. Strange school and industrial movie gems are curated by Skip Elsheimer. He presented the movies and ran the movie projector. The show that he put together was titled "AV GEEKS Greatest Hits.

"Telezonia (1974) Kids are whisked away by a manchild in white tights, so they can sing about using the telephone. Creepy, but not in the way that you think."

If you got the time this movie is a great example of the full-bore weirdness that is a 70's industrial flick with a budget. Starts rather normally, but don't let that fool you.

"Crash Bang Boom" (1970) 10 min We learn about percussion instruments featuring marching bands, dancing kids and a groovy rock band.

Malakapaladoo Skip Two (1977) 10 min A cute film for kids about using their imagination or a clay-laced, folkmusic opus to hallucinogens? You decide.

Drugs Are Like That (1979) 16 min An attempt to warn kids about the dangers of drugs using Legos and a catchy song to make its point. Anita Bryant narrates!

Shake Hands with Danger (1980) 23 min A truly inspired film that uses a country music song to illustrate the dangers of working on heavy equipment. Some fake gore too!

VD is for Everybody (circa 1970) 30 sec A public service announcement that uses an infectious song to talk about an infectious disease."

All of these are on the AV Geeks' Greatest Hits DVD, which would make a great gift for lovers of the bizarre, fans of 70's fashion and me. It I hadn't spent all the cash I had just to get through the door, I would have grabbed a DVD or two.

You can also check out some of their publicly available movies on


Rusty said...

We're going to dress up for Halloween and/or DragonCon as Telly and Question Mark. But Shake Hands with Danger was the real standout. Brilliant, and actually gets the point across that it's supposed to.

Mr. Kimberly said...

You'll have to send a picture to Skip when you do. He'll love that.