Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Mapping: Google Maps Addiction

I continue to add place to my Roadside Attractions, Museums, Etc. google map. As I cruised the net amassing more weird and unique places to visit, my wife looked over my shoulder and said something to the effect, "This used to overwhelm me, I thought we were going to have to visit every one of these places last summer." While in a dream-world, cruising the U.S. (before tackling the rest of the world) would be a wonderful way to spend time, I like being married more.

Back to my latest find. Margaret's Grocery and Market is an almost perfect intersection of my interest in folk art and masonic tourism.

This fantastic place was built by Reverend H.D. Dennis and named for his wife.

From Lucky Mojo's entry on Margaret's Grocery and Market

"...what will be apparent to any Freemason viewing this illustration, is that the Double Headed Eagle atop the signage is not just any eagle: it is that of the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite. Furthermore, the two pillars flanking the door of the store are marked with the golden letters B and J, initials familiar to all Masons."

This place look fantastic, and so worth a visit. Must drive more!

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Roadside Art Online: Margaret's Grocery environment
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