Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fun In San Fran: Another Return Back From Yet Another Ship

Back to Atlanta from yet another lighting installation on a cruise ship.

This time was 6 nights in San Francisco. While every work night was spent on the ship, our last travel day was spent running around the city. I forgot how much I loved the city and this recap won't do it justice. I didn't hit all the strange places I wanted to visit (The Wave Organ on the bay & the Camera Obscura near Cliff House) but I did manage to hit the badly great Musee Mecanique on Pier 45 (location on My Google Map.) This is now a new favorite place of mine and I'll be singing its praises! Check its link for a more thorough details on this odd museum.

Musee Mecanique, originally uploaded by Octoferret.

Opium Den at Musee Mecanique, originally uploaded by lindn.

Musée Mécanique, originally uploaded by SRLrobot.

can-can | musee mecanique, sf, originally uploaded by solsken.

All the pix are from different flickr people because I forgot my camera. Also on the tour of San Fran's greatest hits was walking from the pier to Coit Tour to Lombard St. to China town before I got to meet up with a friend.

While waiting for her in front of City Light's Bookstore, I got to witness the disturbing criminal act/street theater of a cracked-out pimp messing with his equally cracked-out prostitute. They argued in the street, got into a headlock on the sidewalk and generally freaked out the people nearby. Fortunately Kelly soon picked me up and took me on the second most crooked street in the city and later that night to the St. Francis Fountain, a nice soda fountain

St. Francis Fountain, originally uploaded by Telstar Logistics.

Kelly was a great tour guide, took me to the airport and she promised in the future to point out spelling errors/typos on my site, which she reads on a regular basis. What else could I ask for? So, Kelly, thanks for a great end to a long week.


kelly said...

hey! why should I bother correcting your grammar if you don't upload the changes?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I simply must see Musee Mechanique. That has Wendyvee written all over it! LOL