Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pictures from the "Assemblation" show @ Eyedrum, Atlanta

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The large image above from the "Assemblation" show at Eyedrum doesn't play well with my sidelinks. I'll sacrifice good blog design because the artwork by Amandine Drouet deserves a decent-sized image. Blogger won't let me load images off my computer, which always looks better.

The show was a great one. Big, colorful, and cluttered. A full takeover of the exhibition spaces, mainly full of sculptures and 3-D pieces. My favorite pieces by Amandine Drouet, in contrast to most of the show, were the most subtle. White, illuminated sculptures resting on a nubby bedspread or suspended overhead. The pictures do more justice to the pieces than words could.

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The "Assemblation" Show @ Eyedrum Art Center, Atlanta - a photoset on Flickr

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