Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Juxtaposition: Them, Me

Michael Hughes' photos tagged with 'souvenirs'. First seen on Neatorama - Same Place, 50 Years Later.

Link: "The idea was to revisit historic photograph locations and take identical photographs, as if the camera never moved and the world changed around it. It's a little more difficult than I expected due to variations in lenses, inaccessibility of locations and a lack of constant markers. Still all of these are close to correct(some are better than others)." First seen on Neatorama - Trompe l'oeil Photography: Souvenirs in Front of Landmarks.

Something I did myself, pet projects. A Las Vegas map (1952) from University of Nevada Reno's online Nevada in Maps collection overlayed on Google Earth. And in Chicago, a map of the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893.


Ward Jenkins said...

Very fascinating. Have you checked out the Atlanta Time Machine? The guy found vintage photographs from the GSU's Pullen Library and then took photos of the same places today. From houses to commercial buildings, etc. You'd definitely dig it.

Great blog, by the way! Nice to find another fellow Atlantian in the blog world.

Robert said...


Ward is the guy that hosted the : ASIFA-Atlanta animation night.

Also, Old Atlanta: Part Duex & Work Report

Ward Jenkins said...

Ha! I had this sneaky suspicion that you might've already mentioned that site. Oh well. At least we're on the same page.

Great minds think alike, etc.