Friday, October 20, 2006

Home Made Ice Cream, Pet Shop Boys, Work and Play

On the start of my 6-year wedding anniversary, I sit typing after a long days work, getting done at about 11:30pm. I worked for the East Village Opera Company in the afternoon, went to an art opening at Sandler-Hudson, went back to to tear down the East Village Opera Company's show, and came home late. The cat is eating her food, cat collar clinking on her bowl. My wife started making homemade vanilla ice cream. It was 8 minutes before midnight. On the DVR is an unwatched episode of Battlestar Galactica, waiting for me and her to watch. Tomorrow we have plans with friends to see the Little 5 Points Halloween Fest.

Now, the cat is fed, the ice cream is cooling, and the I've finished typing.

6 years is a good start. Great wife, nice life. Now just waiting for desert.

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Maigh said...

Happy anniversary!