Monday, October 16, 2006

Fun With Friends, Weekend Puppetry Art Show, Tonight's Animation Screening

We had a friend in town and got a chance to show what we really like about Atlanta.

Over the weekend, we went to the production of the Center for Puppetry Arts' "The Ghastly Dreadfuls' - Compendium of Graveyard Tales and Other Curiosities.'"  A really nice show that mixed live cabaret singing/musicians and staged marionette Halloween/horror stories. Really interesting stage craft.  And funny.

During her visit we also hit the R Thomas Deluxe Grill for dinner, Cafe Intermezzo for great deserts and hot chocolate, Nam for subtle Vietnamese  and the Your Dekalb Farmers Market buffet for the cheapest meal of the trip (3 people for $10).

As per her request we tried to show her some of the local flea markets and thrift stores, with mixed results.  Some places found online were permanently closed when we went to them.  And a few that were open were wonderfully sketchy and weirdly laid out.

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Now we are relaxing and recuperating. Our friend is back in Vegas, and us chilling at home. I'm planing on seeing a screening of animated movies at the Five Spot, sponsored by the ASIFA-Atlanta.   Which I just found out about today from The Ward-O-Matic.

From the ASIFA website...

"'ASIFA' stands for Association Internationale du Film d'Animation. It was started in France in 1960 as a membership organization devoted to encouraging animaton. "

"Blowin' Smoke
Monday, October 16th (7:30pm)

The follow-up to our popular "Roll Yer Own" screening. In fact, that screening has become so popular that we had to break it into two separate shows. "Roll Yer Own" is strictly non-commercial, featuring mostly student work as well as independent and "downtime" works from professionals. "Blowin' Smoke" will feature full-on commercial work, including studio reels. It's a chance for every one to show off what they've been working on over the past year, as well as shameless self-promotion!

To Hell with Hitler!

C. Martin Croker's collection of animation propaganda from the 1940's is sure to astound you. 13 different cartoons, 13 different Hitler model sheets from the likes of Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, and more, including "Der Fuhrer's Face" and "Education for Death- the Making of a Nazi"!

Bizarro Saturday Morning

Weird stuff that nobody's seen! Nobody, that is, except the collector and purveyor of all things cartoon- C. Martin Croker!

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie

That's right, your favorite Adult Swim value meal on the big screen. See it here first, with the writers, artists, producers and all other guilty parties in attendance. No weapons allowed!"

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