Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Loving, Driving’s A Blast…

Atlanta’s driving stupidity always amazes. Today’s accident-in-the-making was seen on North Ave, while driving back from Georgia Tech. Heading east, both lanes are packed and slow moving, the usual. An impatient pickup truck pulls out into the traffic-free west-bound lanes, drives a block, goes onto the sidewalk as traffic starts towards the truck and ducks into Tech’s campus. Probably lasted all of 15 seconds, but stupid for all of them! Makes me wish my car was video equipped, I’d be posting dumb driving clips every day.

Interestingly enough, with all the damage New Orleans signs and traffic lights suffered, the drivers have compensated by becoming very polite and accommodating. Whenever there was a busted light, all the drivers assumed that it was a 4-way stop and took their turns. Same with blinking traffic lights, good manners prevailed. A big change from when I lived there.

Thankfully, Atlanta is still the same.

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Kick The Donkey said...

Its kind of funny. My wife and I just got back from St. Augustine, Fl., where we stayed in a hotel on the beach (A1A Beach Blvd., to be exact). The road we stayed on was straight, flat, and even. In Georgia, this road would have easliy been 55 MPH.

In Florida, it was 35 MPH. And you know the strange part? While busy, I never had to wait for more than a few seconds to pull out on to the road.

Strange, how slowing down and being polite can effect driving habits, eh?