Sunday, June 25, 2006

I Am What I Surf: or... If I Can't Remember It, Did It Really Matter?

I was surfing my usual websites, which include: Memeorandum, Arts & Letters Daily, Boing Boing, Drawn!, BibliOdyssey, and Largehearted Boy, amongst my many daily diversions.

My wife will peer curiously at me, relentlessly combing the Internet and ask with both curiosity and skepticism, "What are you looking at?" How to answer? These and many other sites offer daily introductions to things artistic, musical and technological. But what am I looking at? Many are blogs, or sites composed of contributing users that post their personal musings.


Hipster Intelligentsia,
trendy pursuits,
internet-enabled groupthink.

All these things capture the main attractions of my favorite sites. It like panning for gold, trying to tease little nuggets of goodness that I can bookmark, google, explore and put into a growing category of "Interesting Things." And the like-minded community of online enthusiast are more then able to provide a collection of intriguing leads. To a degree, these site do turn into an echo chamber, where each on has been turned on to the same thing at the same time, and reducing the actual amount of new things to read about.

Truth be told, if I was forced to slow down and was quizzed, I'd be often hard pressed to tell you what I actually read. Many times, I would only be able to tell you is that I felt like I worked hard and it was really enjoyable. If all the new tech news, trendy designs, cool mp3s, rediscovered Victorian prints, etc don't take hold in my memory, what was their worth.

I love me the internet and I spend so much time with it. Just trying to figure if a majority of that time is well spent.

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In the mean time....

I like
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
Daily Rotten
Copy, Right?

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