Friday, April 28, 2006

One Gallery, Some Flowers, Misc...

Before going to work this evening at the Ferst Center I decided I needed to hit some places in town for a little taste of culture.

First on my list was Youngblood Gallery and Boutique. They will be having a new gallery show opening next week, which I am hoping to attend. The boutique had a 40% off sale so I ended up buying a copy of Found Magazine #4 and a pair of Stroke's Striped Socks.

After that I headed out to Foundation One Studios, a gallery Atlanta blogger Mary wrote about. But they were closed. On a Friday?

After that it was a short visit to a couple of vintage clothes and antique/tchotchke stores in Decatur. Before coming home, it was a trip to the Your Dekalb Farmers Market for some flowers for the hard-working sweetie.

Now I'm home getting ready to head out. This show (The Secret Garden) will be the last scheduled show for me, and I have to start working on a summer strategy for work. Often museums, galleries and theaters have less work during the summer's warm months and this is something most freelancers in my field have to contend with.

But before that, a big 'ole roadtrip.

Upstate NY!
New Orleans!!!


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Amber said...

IIRC, Speckles the Loss Cat was mentioned in Found Magazine.