Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Sweet Wife. But First How Quantum Physics Helped Me Deal With Jury Duty & Something about Housework

Last night the dark cloud of jury duty that had followed me lifted. As directed on my month-old jury-duty form I called and found that there were no jurors called in. Hurray!

The main problem with jury duty was that it was coming during a peak period of work, with both art installation and stagehand jobs scheduled until the end of the month. It would have been a big chunk of change lost.

One thing that helps settle my mind when I run into things like this is a theory of quantum mechanics. Yeah, strange, I know. It's the idea that particles have two states that exist at the same time until something happens to the particle. Then it goes into one of the two states. So, until the thing that needs to happen... happens, both things/all things are possible.

I find it strangely reassuring that until that something that is out of my control resolves itself, it's all up in the air.

Well... it works for me.


So, today is the last of my play days, work resumes tomorrow. I will try to finish the tasks on the white board, completing the ones that there was no need to leave undone until now. Procrastination, my faithful friend. Not that I wasn't unproductive, but I was doing things not on list (alphabetizing books, consolidating shelves) when month-old tasks have been left untouched. Time to erase that one off the board.


Yesterday was the 8-year anniversary of my first date with my now-wife. I don't believe in luck or divine providence. Thing just are or they're not. My life is better then I could have imagined because Caroline is in it. A good thing this marriage, and one that grows better every day. Four months into our dating, we were at a big party and were asked twice how long we had been married. We laughed, and Caroline later joked that she was pleasantly surprised how I didn't freak out over the question. That night after an excessive amount of drinking, we decided to move in. And she hasn't kicked me out yet.

How do you know someone is the one? There is no single one, there are many. But you won't meet most of them or any of them at all, they will remain unknown. But within the people you meet, there maybe a great person or persons for you. When most/all the time spent with them is good time, when you are better for being around them, when the effort you put into the relationship feels like a gift that you are giving then a task you are obligated to do... you already know exactly what you need to know.

I'm a better person then I could have imagined because of her. And she tells me the same. I love that our lives will be spent with each other, because the one we have had is so good. Give me more, I'll take all I can get.


dpb said...

"I'm a better person then I could have imagined for her."

And people say I'm full of myself! ;-)

Robert said...

"I'm a better person then I could have imagined for her."

...which I just changed into...

"I'm a better person then I could have imagined because of her."

But both things are true. I know I'm better off because I have her and she tells me the same is true because she has me.