Friday, April 07, 2006

Back to Work, Things I Did While Not Working

We're starting to set up for Dein Perry's Tap Dogs. Based on the high quality of previous shows at the Ferst Center for the Arts, I would recommend this show sight-unseen. If you go and are unhappy, feel free to comment with poorly-spelled tirades


Now that I'm back to work I realize I forgot a few things I did with my freetime.

There's the usual chores: laundry, dishes, spent an hour cleaning the bathroom floor (bleached the hell out of the grout), groceries, etc.

But here were the two highlights...

"Peep Show", at Orange Hill Folk Art Gallery and Outsider Art Gallery. A sexually charged folk-art show. Loads of pieces, sculptural, paintings, and drawings. The most engaging pieces were by the artist least likely to be described as "folk" or "outsider". Whitney Lee's latch-hook rugs featuring pin-up models and centerfolds were good, with the largest one being the best.

The rug pictured was hung on a wall, and it looked great. The other smaller works were harder to read visually, pixelating because of the individual pieces of yarn used as color elements. All the pieces have a quality of looking a scrabbled TV channel trying to make out the good bits. If you are interested in being a hooker Whitney has kits of some of the smaller works shown at Orange Hill. For all the works, not just Lee's, the show is worth seeing.

V for Vendetta. Just saw the movie, and it was great. Creator Frank Miller (Wrong. Alan Miller - see comments) hates ever movie adaptation of his graphic novels except the phenomenal "Sin City". Even before he got really well known as a grapphic artist and storyteller, I had all three amazing Hard Boiled graphic novels from '90 - '93.

I bought his take on Batman (The Dark Knight Returns) but never got into 'V for Vendetta".

The movie worked for me. Glad I got a chance to go.

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Anonymous said...

Frank Miller did not write V for Vendetta.

British writer Alan Moore did. Miller had nothing to do with it.